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Seven Best Free Offline Android Games in May 2019 - Week I

Here are the seven best free Offline Android Games in May 2019 for this week. There are many new interesting games to spend your gaming time. Let’s tr

Entering the first week in May, there are some offline free Android games that you can try. Of course, they are suitable for you who didn’t have much mobile data or just want to save your mobile data. So, here is some recommendation of offline Android games that you can try this week. Let’s check them out!

7. Cure Hunters - Lucky Kat Studios


Cure Hunters is a platform game which takes place in the future. This game tells the story set in the year 2078 where there is a mysterious meteorite hit the surface of the earth. The impact caused the meteorite to release a virus which infected most of the earth’s population. Knowing this, General Vaccinez then formed a group of the Cure Hunters which is tasked to find the anti-virus cure to save the day.

What you need to do is very simple, control Dr. Delton who is tasked to cure the infected area. Complete each levels using various available items. Beat the boss and unlock the locked cute characters that you can use later. Exciting isn’t it?

>> Download Cure Hunters on Android

6. Fishing Life - Nexelon inc.


Fishing is a very relaxing activity. Besides doing it for a hobby, fishing can also calm your mind. But, for those who didn’t have time to go to the fishing spots, you can also try fishing on your phone. Fishing Life is a fishing simulator game.

In this game, not only you can go fishing but also experiencing great relaxation. Packed with cool graphics, you can also experience the sound of waves ASMR at a beautiful sea.

>> Download Fishing Life on Android

5. John Hayashi : The Legendary Zombie Hunter - Mayonnaise Studio


John Hayashi: The Legendary Zombie Hunter is a game that will take you to experience the job as a zombie hunter. Different that the other zombie-themed games, in this game you will become a cowboy who is good at using revolvers and two katanas. Although you will be playing a cowboy, the enemies that you face are samurai zombies, ninjas, and sumo wrestlers.

Your duty is to kill all of the zombies to get to the next level. In each level you completed, you will gain points that you can use to upgrade your weapons.

>> Download John Hayashi: The Legendary Zombie Hunter on Android

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