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Ten Latest Free Android Games in May 2019 - 1st Week

Tired of playing that game? Here it is, some of the latest free Android games in May 2019 are fun to fill your days!

At the beginning of May 2019, there are many games that you can try. Well, this time DuniaGames is again presenting the latest free Android games that you can play to fill your days.

There are many choices of the latest free Android games that you can play this week. Among them are OCO, Evolving Land, Pigeons Attack, Idle Rocket, The VideoKid, and Captain Planet. Besides the Android games, there are still a number of other games that are no less exciting, you know.

Want to know more about it? Just go straight to the list!

10. OCO - Spectrum48


OCO is a simple Puzzle Platformer game that is very exciting. You only use one touch on the screen to slide, crash, and hang to solve hundreds of puzzles.

>> Download OCO on Android

9. Evolving Land - HelloGames Studios


Evolving Land is a simulation game that assigns you to match several objects. You are tasked with finding more elements, including biological and non-biological combinations. Combine all of them into better and stronger items for your trip.

>> Download Evolving Land on Android

8. Pigeons Attack - Nixtor Game Studio


Pigeons Attack is a Shooter game that requires you to survive from all the doves. Shoot all the pigeons that target you and skip each level so you can increase the level and weapon you have.

>> Download Pigeons Attack on Android

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