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Ten Latest Free Android Games in May 2019 - 1st Week

Tired of playing that game? Here it is, some of the latest free Android games in May 2019 are fun to fill your days!

4. Soul Destiny - Eyougame


Soul Destiny is a game that will later take you on an adventure to a whole new world. You will enjoy an intense battlefield and some beautiful characters that you will definitely use.

>> Download Soul Destiny on Android

3. PGA Tour Golf Shootout - Concrete Software


Are you a golf fan? Maybe you can try this PGA Tour Golf Shootout game on Android. Feel the thrill of being on the amazing real-life TPC golf course from PGA TOUR, and participating in daily challenges and golf tournaments for exciting prizes!

>> Download PGA Tour Golf Shootout on Android

2. JAWS.io - Universal Studio Interactive


Inspired by the movie Jaws, in JAWS.io you will play between being a shark that devours whatever is passed or a shark hunter. If you become a shark hunter, you will play with other people to eradicate that predator shark.

>> Download JAWS.io di Android

1. Rival Stars Horse Racing - Pikpok


Rival Stars Horse Racing is an exciting horse racing simulation game. This game will bring you fierce races and competitions, and you can also find various horse species while also learning more about these animals.

>> Download Rival Stars Horse Racing on Android

So, that's a list of the latest free Android games from DuniaGames. Look forward to the next games from us, happy playing!

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