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Changing Name, Here Are 5 Differences between PUBG Mobile and Game for Peace

Due to the strict policy of the Chinese government, Tencent releases "Game of Peace" to replace PUBG Mobile. What makes them different?

The new policy issued by the Chinese government has forced Tencent to be unable to monetize its flagship game, PUBG Mobile. This policy has also effectively ended the existence of PUBG Mobile despite its status as the best-selling game in China. Reacting to this, Tencent shifts up a gear and quickly turns its focus on a brand-new game similar to PUBG mobile called "Game for Peace". So, what are the differences between both games, then? Scroll to continue reading, folks!

5. Different Names

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Surely you are well aware that the most striking difference between PUBG and Game for Peace is their names. PUBG presents the term "Battle" in its name and many have argued this game has major contribution in promoting violence among its young players. Hence, this inspires the new name "Game for Peace", which positively promotes peace.

4. Different Background Stories

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In PUBG, the background story invites 100 players to kill each other using weapons and equipment that are already available on an island until there is only one survivor left. Game for Peace, meanwhile, is presented with an anti-terrorist background story. You will enter into an anti-terrorist military competition that is open in general - like a tour for tourists who come from various countries.

3. "Goodbye" for the Loser

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If one is dead in PUBG, normally the player will disappear and leave behind loot box that any player can take. In Game for Peace, there is a different treatment for the loser. If the player loses, he will sit and take the items (loot box) out of his bag to put. After that, he will wave "goodbye" and disappear.

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