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Changing Name, Here Are 5 Differences between PUBG Mobile and Game for Peace

Due to the strict policy of the Chinese government, Tencent releases "Game of Peace" to replace PUBG Mobile. What makes them different?

2. No Blood

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Since the new policy issued by the Chinese Government specifically bans on gory visuals, Game for Peace then introduces a new way by presenting the blood in green color with bright dots. This initiative has apparently been used in the PC version of PUBG, yet the texture of the blood remains the same.

1. New Notification

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In Game for Peace, you will find a new pop-up notification. This notification will be present if in the battle leaves only five remaining people. It will tell you that you have won (entering the top five) and asks if you want to continue the game.  This notification, according to the author, is quite strange. Why on earth will we stop playing if we have successfully managed to be in the top five? Don't you agree?

So, those are the basic differences between PUBG Mobile and Game for Peace. Which one suits you the most, folks?

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