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Get a revamp, Now His Ultimate Skill Makes Zhask Cannot be Attacked

The front patch of Mobile Legends seems to be used a lot by Zhask

Now Zhask is almost forgotten. Many Mobile Legends players prefer mage with the higher burst damage and also high mobility. Different than the others, Zhask is really slow and makes it easier for the assassins to kill him.

Seeing this shortcomings, Moonton give him a revamp on the next patch notes. This revamp is in form of adding a functionality on his ultimate skill. If in the past it only strengthen Nightmaric Spawn, now Zhask can also merged with it if we pressed his ultimate skill one more time.

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This revamp will certainly make Zhask more powerful in a solo or a teamfight. You don’t need to worry anymore if there are assassins like Fanny, Saber, and Gusion approaching you.

If Nightmaric Spawn is switched off, Zhask is still alive with the previous HP condition -- just like the first time Zhask got into his ultimate skill mode. Besides being able to enter the Nightmaric Spawn, Zhask can also go out as he wants if the condition is safe.

So, that is the revamp that Moonton gives to Zhask. What do you think about it? Don’t forget to follow Dunia Games social media accounts for other information about Mobile Legends.

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