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Harith Is Still Too Strong! Here Are 5 Best Mage Heroes on Mobile Legends on May 2019!

From many mage heroes in Mobile Legends available, there are only 5 best heroes on May 2019. Let’s check it out here, aside of Harith!

A mage’s role in Mobile Legends is a role contested within the game because using them is not so hard and they can get kill or assist easily. From 25 mage heroes available, there are only 5 best mages which we better use  use because they’re too strong and can dominate the game easier.

Now Dunia Games will talk about 5 best Mobile Legends heroes on May 2019. Let’s check it out.

5. Gord

Source: Mobile Legends

Even though Gord is an old mage hero, he still can produce high damages on the latest patch update. With just only one combo, Gord can successfully kill his enemies if the combo contacted with them.

Not only have good looking and severe damage output, Gord also has wide range of attack. This can make him to do poke and attacking enemies from safe distance.

4. Harley

Sumber: Mobile Legends

The next one is Harley, a magician who can attack his enemies using cards. Even though Harley is a mage, he can attack his enemies constantly like a marksman. His normal attacks also produce magic damage which can make Harley still can give a damage even without a skill.

Harley also has an agility to make him escape or chasing enemies with ease, as well as high burst damage from his ultimate skill.

3. Lunox

Sumber: Mobile Legends

Lunox is a mage who has many skills in Mobile Legends. She has short cooldown time on her skill which makes her to do poke and skill spam so often. Not only that, Lunox also has huge damage on the late game. She can get a kill with just only one combo.

Combos that Lunox has are also deadly. Lunox can immune from all damage and crowd control when she use her light version of her ultimate skill, and she can delivers high damage using her dark version of her ultimate skill.

Curious with another hero aside of those three? Go check the next page!

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