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Should be Avoided! Here Are 5 Common Mistakes Observers Still Doing in Arena Of Valor

As an observer in Arena of Valor, there are few important things to be avoided to not become a burden in the team.

Observer or support is one of a role available in Arena of Valor. Observer is a very important role in the team because they can seek information about enemy’s whereabouts, and observer can produce annoying crowd control because usually observer’s role filled with tank and support role.

But few players who play as an observer are often doing small mistakes which can become the cause of losing in the team. These mistakes are better be avoided to avoid be blamed by one of your teammates. What mistakes you have to avoid while playing as observer? Go check the article.

Taking Friend’s Creep on Early Game

Sumber: Arena of Valor

This mistake is still doing by observer even though he is already a Conqueror. An observer is not suppose to take or hitchhike creeps from friends on the lane on early game because it will make them late to reach level 4.

That thing also make your friend to late to get their core items on early game. So you better you don’t take your friend’s creep before they reach level 4 in order not to make their life difficult.

Don’t Buy Support Items

Sumber: Arena of Valor

Support item is an important item to have by observer because the price is cheap and can raise stats such as physical defense, cooldown reduction, and max HP. Not only that, support items are also useful for the team because it has active skill to give shield, see through enemy in a bush, and vanishing crowd control.

But there are few observers who still don’t want to buy support items. That thing is not only disserving the team, not buying support items also disserving the observer.

Charge Alone Without A Friend

Sumber: Arena of Valor

Observer usually charge into enemy’s jungle arena to find about enemy’s location. But this thing is better not doing when there is nobody on your back because you will be die in vain if spotted by enemies.

What’s observer another mistake? Go to second page.

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