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Capheny, New Female Archer in AOV, Find Out Her Strengths and Weaknesses!

Capheny will be released on May 17, 2019. Let’s find out her strengths and weaknesses!

Soon, we will have a new archer hero in Arena of Valor Indonesia, Capheny. This beautiful archer may be get banned a lot in ranked match on her release date because she possess incredible strengths. However, Capheny also have her own weaknesses.

This time Dunia Games will discuss about Capheny’s strengths and weaknesses. Let’s find out below!

Capheny’s Strengths

Source: Arena of Valor

High Burst Damage

Capheny has a high burst damage just like Violet and Elsu. Not only that, Caphaney can release her burst damage without having to wait too long to cooldown like those two heroes. Her damage allows Capheny to kill the opponents’ archer hero or mage easily.

Give Damage Per Second

Not only can give a high burst damage, Capheny can also creates damage per second which is quite painful because she has two attack modes, DPS mode and Burst Damage mode.

Long Distance Attack Area

Capheny has a quite long distance attack area when in Burst Damage mode and also from her ultimate skill. This area allows Capheny to do poke and attack the enemies with a quite safe distance

Shooting while Moving

The ability to shoot while walking is the ability that no other archers in Arena of Valor can do it. This ability is very benefit Capheny because she can avoid the opponents’ attack while attacking.

Not using Mana

Unlike majority of heroes that use mana to perform their skills, Capheny can use her skill without worrying about running out of mana. This makes Capheny do not need to recall to charge her mana and she also do not need the blue buff. So when Capheny becomes a jungler, she can give the blue buff to her teammates who needed. Capheny is also wise when it comes to energy unlike Hayate who runs out of energy fast.

Let’s move on to the second page to find out about Capheny’s weaknesses in AOV.

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