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Gusion is Still the Best! The Five Best Assassins in Mobile Legends in May 2019

From the 14 available assassin heroes in Mobile Legends, only five best assassins in May 2019. Let’s find out who are they here!

Assassin has an important role in Mobile Legends to dominate the jungle area, roaming and killing the opponents’ marksman. Usually, the assassin hero has a high level damage skill in the early game to make it easier when taking buff and also has a high mobility to chase the opponents.

A marksman or mage will finds it difficult when facing an assassin. They will be killed before they have a chance to release their skill.

Out of the 14 available assassin heroes in Mobile Legends, only a few of the can be categorized as best assassin heroes, one of them is Gusion. Besides Gusion, of course there are other assassins. Let’s find out!

5. Hanzo

Source: Mobile Legends

Hanzo is an assassin hero who can kill buff in the early game easily without wasting many HP and doesn’t need to be helped by the other teammates because he can confine buff and kill it using skill 1. Hanzo also has a crowd control which decreasing the opponent’s movement speed.

The most terrible thing from Hanzo is that he was difficult to kill because his ultimate skill can emit Hanzo’s soul and his soul can attack enemies. And Hanzo is able to control this soul from a great distance.

4. Helcurt

Source: Mobile Legends

Next is Helcurt, an assassin that able to blind the opponents’ view. Helcurt has a high burst damage and also a high mobility, making Helcurt able to break into the opponents’ marksman and suddenly kill him.

Helcurt also has a great split push ability. You better watch it when Helcurt is cannot be seen in the minimap because he could be doing the split push.

3. Hayabusa

Source: Mobile Legends

Hayabusa is one of the old assassin who is still strong until this day. Hayabusa has the ability to teleport, high damage, and he cannot be targeted when attacking the opponent's’ using his ultimate skill.

Same like Helcurt, Hayabusa also has the ability to do the split push because it can clean creep quickly and he can kill the hero who is guarding the tower.

Curious with the other two heroes? Let’s head to the second page.

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