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This Newest Event Mobile Legends Event Makes You Get Faramis For Free!

You can get Faramis permanently by the newest Mobile Legends event. Go check this article to know how to get it.

Faramis is a support hero who recently released in Mobile Legends. This support hero has a cool ability that is resurrecting your dead partner. Probably in the future, Faramis will become the most played support hero on ranked match.

You can get Faramis for free by the event called Cure Injured Harper. How to get him is not that hard, you just have to log in on May 18th 2019 and you can get this unique support hero.

Sumber: Mobile Legends

Not only Faramis, you can also get another interesting prizes such as Emblem Pack, hero Pack, Hero Fragment, Magic Dust, and Ticket if you finish the available missions.

You can also see Faramis’s skill set below.

Vicious Retrieval - Passive: When there’s a deceased unit nearby, they will drop Soul on the same place. By taking Soul, Faramis will restore their HP for 80(+40% total magic power) and produce a energy breath to nearby unit. The breath will give 150(+100% total magic damage).

Shadow Stampede - Skill 1 (Active): Faramis enters Shadow Mode, increasing his movement speed for 70%; and 40 physical and magical defense for 3 seconds. Faramis will left a Mark of Shadow on enemies whom he touched and gives 325(+60% total magic damage). When he’s out from Shadow Mode, every enemy hero marked before will be pulled by Faramis and they will receive 325(+60% total magic damage)

Ghost Bursters - Skill 2 (Active): Faramis takes psychic energy from atmosphere to create evil spirit explosion. The explosion will give damage for 330(+120% total magic damage), then the explosion will spread to give additional damage for 275(+100% total magic damage) to nearby enemies (Divided into three times on enemy’s hero and once on enemy’s minion)

Cult Altar - Skill 3 (Active):Faramis calls an altar for 10 seconds long. The deceased enemy’s hero around the altar area will resurrect for 10 seconds, and restoring 80% HP and all his attack damage.

That’s the newest event on Mobile Legends which have Faramis for free. Don’t forget to enter this event to save your Battle Points. Follow Dunia Games official social media account for more information about Mobile Legends.

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