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Take A Look at 5 Interesting Features on PUBG Mobile Season 7, Now With Birds!

PUBG Mobile will soon enter the 7th season. Here are 5 interesting features that will be introduced!

Soon PUBG Mobile will enter their 7th season which is there’ll be new updates. Surely you are interested with news and sneak peeks that will be introduced on this newest updates on PUBG Mobile. Not only introducing a numerous interesting features, you will receive numerous new items from Royal Pass Season 7. Already curious with items that will come on the newest update? Here are the news!

5. Parachute Trail

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On Season 7 update or 0.12.5 you will get a new thing called Parachute Trail. This feature only comes as a cosmetic to please your eyes while playing PUBG Mobile. How this thing work? When you jump out of the plane, there’ll be a smoke effect that follows you from behind.

It is also hoped that PUBG Mobile plane has a new beautiful effect when they fly on different map. This update predicted to come on May 17th 2019.

4. Introducing: Beard

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Another update that will come in PUBG Mobile season 7 is a beard. Yes, you can equip a beard on male customization. But this beard cannot be taken freely. You have to buy Royal Pass Season 7 first to enjoy this newest face accessory.

We can say that beard is one of the coolest accessory in PUBG Mobile, this thing can make your character look very manly!

3. Companion

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Finally we get a cool feature, Companion in newest season of PUBG Mobile. Companion actually had been rumored to arrive at this season, but with many reasons, in the end PUBG team decide to cancel it. Companion is almost look alike Royal Pass which is also has a level and a prize in the form of special item.

The higher the level, there’ll be a new emotes available for Companion. You can also change your Companion’s name as you please using rename cards. But at the start, your Companion will be named as “Falcon”.

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