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Spoilers for Boruto Episode 106, 107, 108, 109, 110 : 5 Episodes Full of Mirai Sarutobi’s Actions!

Spoilers for Boruto Episode 106, 107, 108, 109, 110 feature Mirai Sarutobi as lead character! Change it to Mirai: Asuma’s Next Generation?

Boruto Episode 109: Potato Chips and Giant Stone!

Masashi Kishimoto/Mikio Ikemoto/Ukyo Kodachi/Shueisha/Studio Pierrot

  • Air Date: 26 May 2019

In the middle of the mission, Mirai meets a young girl, Tatsumi, who travels around a hot spring to hold a memorial service for her dead mother. Mirai, Kakashi, and Gai decide Tatsumi will go with them. They go to the village which is said to have a secret hot spring. But the main part of the secret hot spring has been blocked by a falling boulder. The villagers don't know how to handle it, but Mirai wants to help. Even though they are shinobi, they know that nothing can be done. They are fully aware that they are powerless to handle this problem alone. But suddenly someone appears to handle it?

Boruto Episode 110: Revive the Hot Spring!

Masashi Kishimoto/Mikio Ikemoto/Ukyo Kodachi/Shueisha/Studio Pierrot

  • Tayang: 9 Juni 2019

Tatsumi suddenly tells Mirai that there is a hot spring where you can meet anyone who’s dead. Tatsumi's motive on her journey is not for the memorial service, but to try to meet her mother again. Seeing Tatsumi trying to achieve her goal alone has moved Mirai. Even though they are on a mission, Mirai wants to go to the hot spring together and meet the dead.

So, those are spoilers for the upcoming five Boruto episodes. It seems like Mirai’s plot is truly exciting, right?

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