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Feel The Sun! Here Are 6 Scariest Ultimate Skills in Arena of Valor

Every hero in the Arena of Valor has a different ultimate. Some of them are very scary because of the enormous damage.

Ultimate is indeed the last resort skill owned by each hero in the Arena of Valor. The ultimate skill usually has enormous damage even though the cooldown is quite long. Ultimate skill also usually used when a player either want to kill an opponent or run away from an enemy chase because some ultimate skills have the ability to move a hero.

In this article, DuniaGames will discuss some of the scariest ultimate skills in the Arena of Valor. Don’t let your curiosity kill the cat, just scroll down to find out!

Errol - Demon Claw

Source: Arena of Valor

Errol, the warrior hero that has just been released in the Arena of Valor, has the deadly ultimate skill. He can fly and plunge to give enormous damage to the enemy affected by the skill.

Not only that, Errol's Demon Claw skill can also cause enemies to stun for a few seconds that can make Errol easily launch another attack.

Murad - Temporal Turbulence

Source: Arena of Valor

Next is Murad, a very agile and deadly assassin in the Arena of Valor. He has the ultimate skill called Temporal Turbulence. The skill has great damage, a large attack area, and a short cooldown.

But Murad needs a stack to be able to activate the Temporal Turbulence skill by attacking creeps or enemy heroes for four times.

Yorn - Heart Shot

Source: Arena of Valor

It is no secret that Yorn has a scary ultimate. Yorn's ultimate, named Heart Shot, is truly terrifying because it has sick damage and this skill covers a very distant attack area.

This skill is often used as the running joke among Arena of Valor players since Yorn often says "Feel the Sun" when unleashing Heart Shot.

Find out the other three scary ultimate skills on the next page!

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