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Such Effort! These Indonesian Youtuber Indonesia Make a PUBG Video In Real Life

This Youtuber is very creative. Aside of presenting funny action scenes, there’s also cool effects that makes us praising his work!

What if PUBG Mobile presented in real world? One Youtuber from Indonesia called Mindplace studio recently uploaded a masterpiece; What if PUBG Mobile appears in real life?

In one video, there are three videos titled Pesawat, Lompat, and Bot. Curious with the video, let’s check it out.

Pesawat (Plane)

Youtube.com/Mindplace Studio

On this first title there are characters called Rondweasly, La Junta, Sidaivan, dan Grafik. They planned to get out from the plane to enter the battlefield. Unfortunately, the plan made by Rondweasly is not going as planned due to the location filled with other player (enemies). After they landed, they scattered to find weapons and gather again after everyone get weapons.

Grafik immediately go to the house nearby. But as unexpected, there’s an enemy who is ready to pick up a weapon. Lose by the enemy, Grafik only get an Energy Drink and he has to die while he is drinking. La Junta and Sidavan who know about it immediately call Rondweasly, but there’s no answer.

Youtube.com/Mindplace Studio

They devised a plan to get out of the house. La Junta acts as a bait, while Sidavan acts as a shooter/ support from behind.

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