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Such Effort! These Indonesian Youtuber Indonesia Make a PUBG Video In Real Life

This Youtuber is very creative. Aside of presenting funny action scenes, there’s also cool effects that makes us praising his work!

The plan successfully devised. Sidavan managed to get 4 kills due to La Junta’s act. Because he’s off guard, Sidavan doesn’t know his back until he has to die. Luckily his two enemies who shot him instead dancing but Sidavan is still alive.

Youtube.com/Mindplace Studio

La Junta keeps running until he meets Ronweasly who at the moment riding a motorcycle. They riding together to Sidavan’s location who is still dying. With dire action, they fly with their motorcycle by using land bumps. La Junta managed to shoot those enemies, but he has to knock because he get out of motorcycle.

Because he’s hardly dying, Sidavan is beyond saving. Ronweasly moves immediately to help La Junta who also knocked. Due to Blue Zone nearby, La Junta is left behind and he eventually dies.

Lompat (Jump)

Youtube.com/Mindplace Studio

On the second title, Mindplace Studio use two characters called Grafikcoy and Ridu. The story begins with Grafikcoy and Ridu want to get a weapon from inside an unfinished building. Grafikcoy luckily gets a full set equipment, such as weapons and armor. Unfortunately, Ridu only gets a Bandage.

Ridu who is finding a weapon on the top floor found by his enemy and he chased into the edge. Because there’s no other way, Ridu confused and get down due to suggestion given by Grafikcoy.

Youtube.com/Mindplace Studio

At first he’s happy because he doesn’t die, only got knock. But the enemy who’s chasing him also get down and falls exactly atop of him -- undamaged due some kind of bug. Finally both have to die there.

There’s one more, go check it!

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