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So Cute! Here are Five Cutest Heroes in Mobile Legends

Out of so many list of available heroes, which one is the cutest in Mobile Legends? Let’s find out here!

Mobile Legends has so many playable heroes. Ranging from the strongest, the coolest and the most beautiful heroes, they have it all. But, from so many available lists of heroes, which one is the cutest hero in Mobile Legends? Let’s find out here.

5. Angela


Angela is one of support heroes available in Mobile Legends. Because of her similarity to a doll, Angela is specifically designed to look cute. She was made by Dr. Gogh in a lab called 1718. Living together with Dr. Gogh makes Angela has a personality as a human and also has a good heart. No wonder that she can provide heal and protection for her teammates in Mobile Legends.

4. Diggie


This cute owl deserves to be included on the list. The furry hat that he wears make Diggie appearance more unique and makes you want to have him as a playmate at home.

Maybe because of his cute face Moonton finally gives him some rework for his ability. His skill is now so painful and you can use it as a trap to kill your opponents. This is suitable to seize the opponents jungle’s buff.

3. Harith


Being a half-fox makes Harith look so cheerful. He also has an appearance similar to a Lolita who has petite figure. For you who don’t know, he turned out to be very smart! Harith is one of the best wizard among his race.

This is proven by his outstanding power in Mobile Legends. The burst damage that he created is no joke. If you are accustomed playing this hero, we can guaranteed that your opponents will have a hard time facing him.

His ultimate skill will make Chrono Dash can be used faster. As the result, he can move to specific location easily. Nerf that Moonton gave him was not enough to stop his popularity.

Let’s head to the second page, folks!

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