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Not Thanos, Here Are 10 Oldest Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters!

Who is the oldest character in Marvel Cinematic Universe? Go check this out!

Who doesn’t know Thanos? The villain in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is the strongest villain that Avengers have ever face. He’s the son of Alars, a Titans, which considered as the strongest race, just like gods. But who would have thought if Thanos in MCU is thousand years old! His age even surpasses Thor, the god of thunder himself. It’s not deniable if Thanos is more skillful than others Avengers, even Thor.

But did you know, aside of Thanos, there are few other MCU characters who have lived for thousand years old, even there are few who have lived for billion years! Curious with it? Let’s check this out!

10. Thor (1.500 years old)


Thor becomes the one and only the oldest Avengers member. The god of thunder is actually 1.500 years old, his age is little bit older than his brother Loki who is 1.053 years old.

9. Thanos (more than 2.000 years old)


Thanos surely becomes a Marvel character who adapts from DC Character Darkseid. Even though, the difference is their age, where Thanos is younger (2.000 years old) and Darkseid is 4,8 billion years old.

8. Hela (more than 6.000 years old)


Hela becomes the most annoying villain when she face Thor in Thor: Ragnarok. Said to be the oldest sibling for Thor and Loki, Hela’s age has reached more than 6.000 years old.

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