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Errol Can Be Countered! Here Are 5 Heroes Who Can Do That to Errol in Arena of Valor

Some heroes in Arena of Valor can easily counter Errol in Arena of Valor. Find out who they are in this article, folks!

Few days ago, we were introduced to the new warrior hero in Arena of Valor named Errol. This hero has life steal, attack speed and enormous burst damage, which in turn makes him a scary and tough figure to most players, especially those who take the role as dark slayer laner.

Luckily, like most heroes in general, there are ways to overcome Errol. Some existing characters in Arena of Valor already have what it takes to deal with the great power of Errol.

This time around, DuniaGames will present a list of Arena of Valor heroes who can easily counter Errol. Scroll to continue reading, guys!


Source: Arena of Valor

Omen is a warrior hero who also has high attack speed like Errol. This warrior hero can reduce the damage received from Errol using the Untouchable skill. Not only that, Omen also has true damage which is quite painful for Errol.

Omen also has the ultimate skill that can bind and stop Errol's movements. Errol will not be able to move freely and use his ultimate well if he is hit by Omen's ultimate.


Source: Arena of Valor

Although rarely used and often underestimated, Max can be a quite strong hero to compete with Errol. This hero can produce true damage which is quite painful continuously for Errol as long as he can attack him.

Max can also easily avoid Errol's attacks using his 2 skills. What makes Max strong to deal with Errol is the fact that he has passive skills that can reduce Errol's regeneration, such as Curse of Death and Tome of The Reaper items.


Source: Arena of Valor

Maybe Marja is the strongest hero to face off against such tough warrior hero as Errol. Marja is able to damage Errol's damage from remote place, and has a very large life steal. This Mage can also be immune to damage, even harder to get killed.

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