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Much Stronger, These 7 Marvel Characters Can Easily Beat Captain Marvel!

As it turns out, Captain Marvel is not the strongest of all as she too can be defeated by these Marvel characters!

4. Ego


Ego a.k.a The Living Planet is a very scary character in the film Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2. The father of the Star Lord is seen attempting to conquer the universe by uniting in his own extension. As a Celestial, he has a variety of strengths, including manipulating energy, manipulating molecules, super durability, biological manipulation, to superpowers. Even with those powers, Ego is able to withstand the power of Infinity Stones easily.

3. Dormammu


Dormammu is the master of the dark dimension, born millions of years ago in a very strong energy dimension called Faltine. He is the mortal enemy of Dr. Strange and has a very enormous and pure mystical power, even surpassing other villains' powers such as Mephisto, Satannish, and Hela. Even in MCU, Dormammu has his own dimension, where the strength of the dimension is often used by previous Sorcerer Supreme. Wonder what it will be like if Dormammu takes on the form of human and faces off against Captain Marvel.

2. Rogue


Rogue is one of the mutant figures in the X-Men comic books. She has very scary powers, where she is able to easily suck the power of others and use that power to her advantage. One of the great strengths she shows is the strength of Ms. Marvel. In a story, Rogue hears a prophecy that one day Ms. Marvel will come and destroy her life. Therefore, Rogue launches an attack on Carol Danvers. Rogue absorbs Carol Danvers’ powers as Ms. Marvel. As a result, not only Danvers loses her abilities, she also loses her memories too!

1. Jean Grey


As a mutant, Jean Gray owns telekinesis and telepathy powers. Her strength can be even stronger when Jean is united with Phoenix, a cosmic entity born of natural energy. The Phoenix lives inside another creature as a host, and the host's unique ability can provide tremendous strength. Phoenix has the power to manipulate material to sub-atomic levels, cross space and time, absorb various kinds of energy, generate dead creatures, and also teleport.

Even Jean Gray can create a cosmic explosion, change the reality of space and time to control the lives of humans. Can Captain Marvel match Jean Grey’s power?

So, that’s all characters of Marvel who are potentially able to beat Captain Marvel. Among the seven characters mentioned above, does your favorite make the cut? Follow DuniaGames.co.id for more exciting info on superheroes.

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