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Little Tokyo Ennichisai Festival 2019 is Coming, Don’t Miss It J-Lovers !

kamu sudah terdaftar dan mengambil tiket event ini

Little Tokyo Ennichisai Festival 2019 has come back, guys! Take notes for the date, turn on your alarm, and bring your friends to this event!

Ennichisai 2019 Stage Performance

1. Main Stage


The main stage on Ennichisai is to introduce the Japanese culture and traditional arts, such as Taiko (traditional drum/ music performance), Shodo (traditional painting), Buyou (traditional dance), and Indonesian traditional arts as well. There’s also Yosakoi and Eisa (traditional dance) that will be performed by Indonesian. The most important thing is the performance of Bonten team with Kojima Chieko as professional Taiko performer from Japan. You will be enchanted by their performance. You have to watch their full performance!

2. Pop Culture Stage


The Pop Culture Stage is planned to be filled by JKT48, Idol Enka Girls, boys idol CoLoN:, Addiction, and Tersera Traps (bigo idols from Japan), Virtual Idol Love Pledge, Rei Naria will come back to Ennichisai with vocalist Shion Aoyagi, and others. DJ session filled by Tsukimomo, Vibetronic (Surabaya), and REDSHiFT.

Ennichisai also back to organize Grand Final of National Cosplay Competition - Indonesia Cosplay Grand Prix (ICGP). There’s also cosplay parade, cosplay performance from  KOMUTOKU (Komunitas Tokusatsu), and mini cosplay theater from COSURA (Cosplay Surabaya).

3. Chika Stage


Chika Area in 2019 once again will be held due to good feedback from visitors.

What do you think about Ennichisai 2019 later? Take notes, Ennichisai 2019 will be held on June 22nd until June 23rd 2019 and located in Blok M, South Jakarta. Don’t miss it!

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