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Discussion about One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 6: Genos was defeated?

There are many monsters gather around Garou in many places. Let’s check out the discussion of One Punch Man season 2 episode 6 below!

In the previous episode of One Punch Man, Kinzoku Bat has been defeated by Garou even though he was supposed to be the winner. Phoenix Otoko who leads the army of monsters immediately retreated after Garou declined his offer to join the Monster Association. But not all of the monsters left because some of them are wandering somewhere else. Let’s check out the discussion of One Punch Man season 2 episode 6 below!

This episode begins with the martial arts tournament between the class A heroes, Inazuma Max against Suiryu. Arrogantly, Max thinks that he can defeat Suiryu easily. In the end, Suiryu defeated Max with one kick landed on his face. Genos could sense that Suiryu could be a threat for Saitama.

The Hero Association reported that there are monsters wandering around the stadium where the tournament is held. Genos who saw this immediately take action because he didn’t want the tournament to be disturbed or bothered the other participants. He then easily defeated one of the monsters. After he asked the Hero Association for permission, he left and eliminated the other monsters.

Genos wants to get rid of the monsters quickly so he can watch Saitama’s match. After a few round from the other participants, it is finally Saitama’s turn to fight against Bakuzan, the two times winner of the tournament. It is said that Bakuzan never fail to finish his opponents using the Dark Hell Assassination techniques.

Bakuzan was very confident that he will be able to finish Saitama in one attack, and so is the audience. But without anyone expecting it, Bakuzan bounced off with one punch from Saitama. It was only a light punch, because if Saitama was serious, Bakuzan’s face would have been destroyed. The funny thing is, the medical team who is ready to take Saitama, is taking Bakuzan.

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