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Six PUBG Mobile Mysteries, One Is Go Through Walls!

Aside of giving entertaining gameplay, surprisingly PUBG Mobile has mysteries that is exciting to be told! Let’s check it out!

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground or also known as PUBG is popular Battle Royale game these days. PUBG also comes in mobile port called PUBG Mobile. In PUBG Mobile, there are unique mysteries you can find. This is the second time writers write about this. If you want to read the first part, you can immediately click this link: PUBG Mobile Mysteries Part 1.

6. Malfunctioned Flare Gun

Youtube.com/Clash Universe

Who doesn’t know a flare gun function in PUBG? This gun is useful to call airdrop which contains good items for you to get Chicken Dinner easier. But do you know if flare guns has a mystery?

The mystery is the flare gun malfunction when used while running. The fire that shot will drop into ground and make it look like a bonfire. Airdrop will also absent if you do this.

5. Health Will Deplete Faster If Knocked Out So Often

Youtube.com/Clash Universe

Who never experience knock out while playing PUBG? Every player surely have experience this thing. But there’s a mystery in PUBG’s knockout.

More often you get a knockout, your health will deplete faster. What do you think, is this a feature implemented on PUBG or there’s a bug here?

4. Avoid Grenade Explosion

Youtube.com/Clash Universe

Even it’s tricky to use, grenade is still an annoying explosive. If you know how to use it, grenade can kill one squad instantly.

But there’s a trick to avoid grenade explosion. By not seeing the tail of the grenade shown when it was thrown, you will not receive any damage. Another way to avoid grenade explosion is hiding behind a tree when grenade comes to you.

Youtube.com/Clash Universe

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