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Suitable For Breakfasting, Here Are 10 Traditional Japanese Snacks Which Is Often Appear in Anime!

Want your breakfasting feel different than usual? Try these 10 traditional Japanese snacks. Be careful, these will make your stomach growl!

While watching an anime, surely you saw a character eating a snack which makes you want to taste it. They eat various traditional Japanese snack which is so delicious.

Surely these traditional Japanese snacks is suitable for Indonesian tongue and can be eaten for breakfasting. Maybe with these snacks, you can imagine how breakfasting in Japan. Here are 10 traditional Japanese snacks which can make your stomach growl!

10. Daifuku


Daifuku is a snack similar to Mochi, Daifuku can be filled with red bean paste, strawberries, or combination of both. Daifuku filled with strawberries is called Strawberry Daifuku. This snack is famous in Japan and can be eaten anytime.

9. Mochi


Mochi is a signature Japanese snack made by cooked rice until done and then pounded until soft. Mochi usually eaten in a traditional festival called Mochitsuki or in happy new year celebration. But currently Mochi is available in stores and can be eaten anytime.

8. Purin


Pudding in Japanese called Purin. The main ingredients of it are milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla, and caramel sauce, Because of those, purin texture is so soft. Purin taste is creamy, sweet, and also savory from caramel sauce will be more enjoyable if serve cold.

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