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Alpha Gets New Skin! Here are Spoilers of the 5 Upcoming Mobile Legends Skins

You better prepare some diamonds to buy the upcoming skins that will be released soon in Mobile Legends folks.

A few days ago we’ve got the skins of V.E.N.O.M Grock and Lady Zombie Ruby in Mobile Legends. Not only those two skins, there are still of the latest skins that will be released in the near future. The heroes who will get these skins are Alpha, Faramis, Karina, Selena, and Harith.

This time Dunia Games will share some information about this month upcoming skins in Mobile Legends. Instead of wondering what are they, let’s get into it.

In the 12 minutes and 49 seconds video, it shows some available skins and the upcoming skins such as Alpha and Harith’s skins. For you guys who do not have much mobile data, don’t worry because we already prepared some screenshots that you can see below.

Faramis Dark Necro

Source: YouTube Mobile Legends Arks

The first one is Faramis, the latest support with a unique ability. Dark Necro’s skin is a normal Faramis’s skin that will be released on May 25, 2019. You can get this skin, permanently and for free through a mission. If you miss the event, you can buy Dark Necro’s skin for 269 Diamond.

Alpha Crimson Warrior

Source: YouTube Mobile Legends Arks

After a long time, finally this fighter hero gets a new skin. The special skin for Alpha has the appearance that similar to Saber’s Fullmetal Ronin skin, they both use a red armor. Crimson Warrior will change the effects of all of Alpha’s skill to dark red.

However, there’s still no official update about the release date of this skin. But you can prepare 749 Diamond to buy the Crimson Warrior skin.

Harith Stardust

Source: YouTube Mobile Legends Arks

Previously, this skin is rumored to be the starlight give for June 2019. But there are no further information about Harith’s Stardust skin that will be the elite skin because it’s not have any special effect like the starlight skin. Just like the elite skin in general, it is possible that this Stardust’s skin will be priced at 599 Diamond.

Curious with the other two skins? Let’s head to the second page.

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