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After the collaboration with Avengers, is Fortnite now working together with John Wick?

Fortnite fans managed to unveil the secret file from the latest update which turned out to be John Wick’s skin.

On May 16, 2019 in the morning, Fortnite has rolled out its latest update 9.01 patch notes. On this latest patch, Fortnite made some changes such as introducing Tactical Assault Rifle, the Baller has been nerfed and the Slipstreams adjustment.

One of Fortnite fans, Lucas7Yoshi managed to unveils one of the secret files in this patch. The file contains the latest skin of John Wick. There are other variation of skins that will be released, but there is no further information about this.


Fortnite x John Wick also presenting an event called “Wick’s Bounty”. In this event, there are several missions that you can complete and of course there will be an interesting prize if you succeed in completing the mission.

Fortnite seems to really like doing crossover with the trending movies such as Avengers: Endgame and this time is with John Wick. In your opinion, what other movies will be collaborating with Fortnite next? Don’t forget to follow Dunia Games social media accounts for other updates.

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