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Diggie Is Still Annoying! Here Are 5 Best Support Heroes in Mobile Legends on May 2019

From a few support heroes available in Mobile Legends, only 5 best heroes on this May. Go check the list below aside Diggie.

Support role is one of various important roles in Mobile Legends. Without a support, a team will have a hard time to win the match. Usually players won’t play as a support because it’s hard to become a MVP and it’s hard to get a kill as well.

In this article, Dunia Games will talk about few best support heroes in Mobile Legends on May 2019. Curious with the roster, go check it out!

5. Estes

Source: Mobile Legends

Even though Estes is rarely used especially in ranked match, Estes still a terrifying hero because he can heal restore a dying ally with ease without have to recall to base. Not only that, this support hero can also deliver a massive damage to enemies.

After getting a rework some time ago, Estes’ produced damage is more greater than before. This thing can turn him into additional mage in the team.

4. Nana

Source: Mobile Legends

The next one is Nana, a support hero who becomes one of the best support in Mobile Legends after getting a rework. Those reworks makes Nana becomes an annoying hero because she can give a crowd control which can stop any hero.

Not only that, Nana also has high damage because she has additional role which is mage. The damage produced by Nana is enough to defeat a marksman with ease.

3. Faramis

Source: Mobile Legends

Faramis is the newest support hero in Mobile Legends you can get for free on May 18th, 2019 by an event available in the game. This support hero has an unique ability, which can revive dead allies. Of course this ability is very annoying, moreover if we had to go all out defeating the revived hero.

Curious with other best support hero? Go check the second page.

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