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Hard to Locate Them? Here Are 5 Locations to Find Birds of PUBG Mobile

If you are about to give up finding companions in PUBG Mobile, change your mind now and learn more about it here!

The latest update of PUBG patch 0.12.5 introduces companion as the new element. Companion is one of the features designed to make your battles even more exciting to engage in.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to use this feature immediately. You are tasked to find it first in certain locations. Companion is more or less like loot item in the form of full-of-white-eggs nest. If you are curious about its whereabouts, here are 5 locations to go to!

Mylta Power


You can try your luck in Mylta Power in the Erangel map, which is a green building with open roof concept. You may enter this building from stairs or just fly down with a parachute. Companion is located right next to half-broken wall, right across the stairs.

Pochinki Church


The next location is Pochinki Church. To find this location, you have to hike the hill first. The companion will be found right next to the building with a high rooftop. You need to take the stairs, walk down the narrow road next to the church. The nest sits right across the broken wall.



You may also discover companion in a place called Georgopol. To find it, you have to walk all the way to Shipping Yard full of huge containers. As you are there, find a specific container with four wheels under it. Climb to the top, and you will have yourself a nest which is put above the black ceramic. You will easily find it, we promise.

Find the other two locations on page two!

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