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Tips on Attachments for Skorpion in PUBG, Pistol with SMG-Like Abilities

Included in the Pistol category, Skorpion is able to be used with attachments too! Read more about it here, folks!

After a long time of not discussing it, DuniaGames finally comes up with a review of attachments for a PUBG weapon with SMG-like abilities, Skorpion. Skorpion is available in the recently-released PUBG Mobile 0.12.5 version.

Since it is included in the Pistol category, you may bring Skorpion with you along with your two other big weapons. Small like Uzi, this firearm comes with various attachments to choose. So, what are they? Scroll to continue reading!

Lower Rail - Skorpion

PUBG.gamepedia.com, edited by Dunia Games | Syahdan

This gun has four lower rail options, including Half Grip, Laser Sight, Light Grip, and Vertical Foregrip. But as a weapon that relies on accuracy to shoot, the perfect choices go toHalf Grip and Vertical Foregrip.

Half Grip will reduce recoil from Skorpion and increase recoil recovery time. You will be very spoiled if you use this attachment when shooting. For other options, you can use Vertical Foregrip. This attachment will reduce vertical recoil by 15 percent and recoil the pattern by 20 percent.

Magazine - Skorpion

PUBG.gamepedia.com, edited by Dunia Games | Syahdan

The only magazine to choose for Skorpion is Extended Mag (Handgun). Why Handgun? Clearly, Skorpion is not an SMG, despite having an auto-fire mode.

If you don't use a magazine, the bullet capacity that you can use is only 20. If Extended Mag is added, the bullet capacity will increase to 40. Suitable for close combat.

Muzzle - Skorpion

PUBG.gamepedia.com, edited by Dunia Games | Syahdan

Muzzle is one of the important attachments in PUBG games. The muzzle to use for Skorpion is only Muzzle (Handgun). Muzzle itself will reduce the sound of shots produced by Skorpion. Therefore, the Muzzle allows you to kill the enemies silently.

There are two items left attachable to Skorpion. Find out on the next page.

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