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[OPINION] Five Things That Might Happen If League of Legends Mobile Has Been Released

Here are five possibilities that might happen if League of Legends Mobile has been released. Another MOBA will be defeated?

News about the release of League of Legends Mobile is surely is no longer a public secret. This project is happening due to a collaboration between Tencent and Riot which was previously happened. This collaboration is becoming a surprise, especially for League of Legends community because previously Riot have denied a proposal from Tencent about the making of League of Legends Mobile. If we think about it, what will happen? Here are five things that might happen if League of Legends Mobile has been released!

5. Garena Will Serve as the Publisher


It’s no longer a common thing if Garena will serve as the main Publisher for League of Legends Mobile. Because, this company had frequently collaborating with Tencent to publish many MOBA games -- one of them is Arena of Valor which become one of famous MOBA game in Indonesia or Call of Duty: Mobile which is still on beta phase in India. Garena themself have given a duty to release Tencent games for Southeast Asia market on their contract back to November last year.

With this strong point, it’s no longer a impossible thing if Garena will take League of Legends Mobile as their new game -- previously Garena also published  League of Legends PC in Indonesia, but eventually the server has to be shut down and moved to Singapore.

4. MOBA Players Will Migrate

Riot / League of Legends

As a game with a big name in the world, it’s not surprising if League of Legends Mobile will attract many players (including other MOBA players). A collaboration between Riot and Tencent will make mobile games player surely curious with the experience given from the game. It’s not impossible also if League of Legends Mobile has the same feel like the PC port, such as hero, features, as well as the UI shown on the screen.

3. New Esport Branch in Indonesia

KT Rolster

As a multiplayer game, it’s incomplete if MOBA games like this doesn’t announce competitions inside. Garena probably will move fast to announce a competition for League of Legends Mobile. The appearance of a new branch surely will open a new chance for esports athletes in Indonesia to develop further.

Because this is League of Legends, there’s a high chance it will have world-scale tournament which will be held every year -- it becomes a chance for professional teams to raise the country’s name.

Check the last two points on the second page!

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