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Dunia Games version of the Five Best Marvel Super War Superheroes

Are you confused to choose what superhero to use? Here are the five best Marvel Super War according to Dunia Games

Since its release on May 28, 2019, Marvel Super War which released by NetEase is very popular among the gamers. Even the players’ quota who can play this game in the Android alpha test is full. So, for those who aren’t lucky need to wait for the game full release. Because this is the newest MOBA game, many of you are probably confused about what hero to use. This time, the author will help you to choose. Here is the list of the five best Marvel Super War superhero according to Dunia Games.

5. Thor

Dunia Games

The God of Thunder is one of the best superheroes that you can try. Not only has a strong immune, but his damage output is also very massive. Unlike superheroes in general, Thor only has three active skills which make him easier to play especially for the beginners. Not only strong in the active skills, Thor’s passive skill is also annoying.

If you managed to attack the opponents using skill, then Thor’s third attack will give a stun effect with an insane damage. Thor is also dangerous if he enters the teamfight. His ultimate called Thunderbolt which can create a large explosion in the shape of area and can change the course of the teamfight.

4. Angel

Dunia Games

One of the members of X-Men is included in the category of  marksman, the class that can be considered as OP (overpowered) in this game. Attack speed is his main weapon. Continuous attacks will make a tank or an assassin to give up their intention to kill this marksman.

One of the things that the author hated is his skill 1 that can give five simultaneous attacks and each give the damage of 60 (+45 percent of the attack bonus) damage. This damage will continue to increase together with the increasing of the levels.

3. Quick Silver

Dunia Games

Included in the category as an assassin, Quick Silver becomes a very deadly assassin superhero in Marvel Super War. His agile movement makes the mage or the marksman difficult to keep up with him, especially during the teamfight. The most annoying thing about this superhero is his ultimate which can make anyone goes slow when in the area except for Quick Silver. Because he only has three active skills, he is fairly easy to play and suitable for the beginners.

Let’s head to the second page to find out about the other two superheroes!

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