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Five Cool Things in Battle Royale Call of Duty: Mobile, Is That A Helicopter?!

Let’s take a look at the five cool things in Battle Royale Call of Duty: Mobile! What are they?

The release of Call of Duty: Mobile is still a hot topic until this day. Although you can play it using the Kiwi VPN that uses the Indian states -- because Call of Duty: Mobile can only be accessed only in the Indian region. If you are still don’t know how to play it on your phone, you can click the following link. Call of Duty: Mobile has several modes that you can play, one of the is Battle Royale. Want to know more about this mode? Here are the five cool things in Battle Royale Call of Duty: Mobile!

5. Zombie Box


If you are playing Call of Duty: Mobile, there is a box which emit a red light. But before you manage to open the box, there is an obstacle that you need to face. What is that? You are tasked to kill the zombie with a large size and a large amount of blood. A little advice, if you want to approach the box, always pay attention to the number of the bullets left. You can also use the assault type of weapon like the M16 or AK47 that have a high damage to drain the HP from the zombie boss.

4. You can fly a helicopter, folks!


Have you ever dream about flying a helicopter in a Battle Royale game? At last, Call of Duty: Mobile makes your dream come true! You can fly a helicopter in this game. For the capacity, this helicopter consists of three seats that you can utilize.

The advantage of using helicopter is you can head to the map location efficiently. As for the weakness is becoming the target of the opponents because you’re easy to be seen. So, you need to be extra careful if you want to use this vehicle in an open space.

3. Change of Mode from TPP to FPP


If in the PUBG Mobile the TPP and the FPP mode are separated, it wasn’t the case in the Call of Duty: Battle Royale. You can choose the mode even when you are not in the lobby, but also when you are in a fight. Thanks to this cool feature, it means that there will be no different in rank between the FPP and TPP in Call of Duty: Mobile. According to the author, this is a great approach by giving the players more freedom.

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