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The Five Best Weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile, Which One is Your Favorite?

Want to know the list of five best weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile? Find out more here!

Call of Duty: Mobile is a game published by Activision which was created by collaboration with Tencent. This game is still in the beta test and can only be played by the players in India. You can also played the game using the Kiwi VPN. For more information you can click this link. When playing Call of Duty: Mobile you will need the best weapons to be able to kill your enemies quickly. Here are the five best weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile that you can use.

5. M4

Activision / Call of Duty: Mobile

M4 is one of the most popular weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile. This weapon is included in the Assault Rifle category which focused on accuracy and damage. Although it is included in the Assault category, M4 has a fairly good accuracy, which is 70 percent. Because of its high accuracy, the recoil from this weapon is quite low and suitable to be use for beginner.

4. AK47

Activision / Call of Duty: Mobile

AK47 is the fourth best choice of weapons that you can use in Call of Duty: Mobile. Best known as the Assault weapon with the highest damage, AK47 is very useful, especially for short distance. Because it has low accuracy, which is 45 percent. As the results, this weapon has a high recoil that can not be relied on when attacking the enemies at medium-long distance.

3. M21 EBR

Activision / Call of Duty: Mobile

After discussing the two Assault Rifles, M4 and AK47. This time we will be discussing about the Sniper weapon which is M21 EBR. M21 EBR is the sniper weapon that has a scope on its attachment. In the gameplay, this weapons is categorized as overpowered (OP). Why is that? It is because you can kill your enemies in just one shot -- if it hits the head. But, if you hit the body/vest, you will need at least two bullets to successfully beat your enemies.

There are two weapons left, folks. Let’s head to the next page!

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