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Ten Latest Free Android Games June 2019 - 1st Week

The holiday is over, here is the latest free Android game in June 2019 fun to fill your days!

Entering the first week of June 2019 there are many of the latest free Android games that you can try. Well, this time DuniaGames is again presenting the latest free Android games that you can play to fill your days.

There are many choices of the latest free Android games that you can play this week. Among them are Zombeast: Survival Zombie, Auto Chess, Heavy Excavator City, Aquapark Slide.io, and Overhit. Besides the Android games, there are still a number of other games that are no less exciting, you know.

Want to know more about it? Just go straight to the list!

10. Zombeast: Survival Zombie - AKPublish


Zombeast: Survival Zombie is the newest Action Survival Shooter game that you can try. In this game, you are allowed to survive in a city full of zombies! Use weapons and survive from the siege of the zombies.

>> Download Zombeast: Survival Zombie di Android

9. Auto Chess - Dragonest Game


Auto Chess is a Real-Time Strategy game that adapts from Auto Chess in DOTA 2. In this game, you are required to develop a strategy by gathering and arranging different formations. Be the best and face all the other players.

>> Download Auto Chess di Android

8. Heavy Excavator City - Superheroz Action


Heavy Excavator City is an Android game for those of you who are looking for a Simulator game. In accordance with the title, this game allows you to fully control various types of heavy equipment and other vehicles in building a city.

>> Download Heavy Excavator City di Android

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Free Fire
Start from
Rp 2.500
Arena of Valor
Start from
Rp 2.500
Mobile Legends
Start from
Rp 1.500
Start from
Rp 3.000
Garena Shell
Start from
Rp 12.500

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