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Here Are 5 Reasons Why Shotgun Rarely Used By PUBG Players!

Even though it’s deadly enough, actually Shotgun in PUBG is rarely used by players. Let’s check out the reasons in this article.

As we all know that PUBG has many weapons to be used to gain victory. Among those weapons, there is Shotgun because it has deadly attacks and using 12 Gauge ammo. Even though, this weapon is rarely used by PUBG players due to many reasons.

In this article, Dunia Games will talk about about why Shotgun in PUBG is never used by the players. Rather than getting curious for long, let’s check out the article below.

Has Small Ammo Capacity

Source: metaco.gg

Unlike other weapons which has many ammo to use, Shotgun usually has small capacity that is less than 10 ammo, even there are Shotgun which has only two ammo capacity that is S686 and Sawed-off. Not only that, Shotgun cannot be extended with Extended Mag.

Those things is surely make player to rarely use Shotgun because they have to shoot perfectly in order not to waste any ammo.

Hard to Use

Source: uhdpaper.com

Shotgun becomes one of the hardest weapon to use because it has small capacity and large recoil. When using Shotgun, player also forced to decide for the best position in order to kill enemy with just one hit. Surely those thing make this weapon hard to use.

Cannot Use Scope

Source: steamcommunity.com

Scope is one of many attachment available on PUBG. Using scope becomes the main needs for players because they can see their enemies from afar. Because Shotgun cannot use this attachment, this thing make player to abandon using Shotgun because it will be useless.

Read another reason on the next page.

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