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Take a Look at Erangel in PUBG June 2019 Development Update

Here are changes on PUBG June 2019 Development Update as well as revamped Erangel. Let’s check it out below!

After the launch of PlayerUnknown's Battleground or also called as PUBG on March 2017, Erangel becomes the main location for this Battle Royale game. After many maps available, Erangel started to be abandoned by players even though there are petition for PUBG team to revamp this map. If compared to Vikendi, Sanhok, and Miramar, Erangel is very, very left behind on graphics and gameplay improvement. Curious with the revamped Erangel? Here are the changes happen in Erangel in PUBG June 2019 development update.

Erangel Map Update

The changing of Erangel finally officially announced on PUBG development update video on June 5th 2019. The Executive Producer, TS Jang said that their company has a goal to entertain  their fans with unique experience while playing PUBG -- with realistic battle combined with survival element. Along with that goal, Erangel has undergone many changes on June 2019 development update. You will ses new buildings, more realistic scene for terrain, and updates for Blue Zones.

Update Information


This Erangel update will include in PC server test and it has two phases. The first one will be held on June 6th until June 8th 2019. And for the second phase will be held on June 8th until June 11th 2019.

1st Phase (June 6th - June 8th 2019)

  • Partner Custom Matches
  • Only Erangel update and Normal Custom Match available
  • Only PUBG official partner from every region who can play Custom Match, but all players can join the lobby to play

2nd Phase (June 8th - June 11th 2019)

  • Matchmaking Public and Partner Custom Match already available
  • Only Erangel update available.Quick Match also available
  • Only Squad Mode available. FPP only available on North America and TPP on Asia.
  • Every player can participate

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