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Germany's Young Emperor! Here are five facts about Karl Heinz Schneider in Captain Tsubasa

Karl Heinz Schneider is one of the best strikers from Germany in Captain Tsubasa. Here are some facts about him!

You still remember about Karl Heinz Schneider, right? Yes, maybe some of you know him from Captain Tsubasa: Road To 2002 anime that was aired in the 2000s. Schneider is one of the opponent team player who competed against Japan Jr. National Team to be the winner. Here are some interesting facts about him!

5. One of Tsubasa’s Rivals

If Kojiro Hyuga is Tsubasa Ozora’s rival during elementary school and middle school, then when he is in the Japan Jr. National Team one of Tsubasa’s strongest rival is Schneider. Since hearing the story of Tsubasa the soccer prodigy from Wakabayashi, Schneider is curious with Tsubasa’s soccer skill.

When he came to see the Japan national team friendly football match, for the first time Schneider saw Tsubasa’s game and since then he was fired up to compete with him. Then they met again in the final, Schneider began to recognize Tsubasa as his strongest opponent.

4. Fire Shot

If Tsubasa has Drive Shot, a long shot with a spin on the ball which will make it change direction then Schneider has Fire Shot. Like a fire, this shot will travel at a light speed towards the opponent’s goal and it cannot be easily stopped. Until now, only Wakabayashi who is able to stop this technique.

3. His Past

Schneider’s father is the coach of Rottenburg team (Bayern Munich) who has been protested by the people because he dumped a talented player. They continued to haunt Schneider’s father to his house. Because he didn’t want his family to get involved, he is forced to leave the house. This gave a quite huge pressure on Schneider and his little sister.

But in the end, they reunited again after Schneider’s match in the final against the Japan Jr. National Team.

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