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Introducing Natalie 'Wattson' Paquette, Apex Legends Newest Hero Who Can Summon A Turret!

Let’s find out about Natalie 'Wattson' Paquette’s abilities, the newest hero on Apex Legends here!

Natalie 'Wattson' Paquette has finally introduced by Respawn on EA Play event which is held on E3 2019. Wattson is the second Legend of Apex Legends which is launched after Octane in this year. Want to know more about her abilities? Let’s check out the article below.

Wattson’s Backstory

Apex Legends

Natalie 'Wattson' Paquette is a math genius who grew up and became a specialist on Quantum Laser mechanics. She had a job to build Apex Games Modified Containment Ring. When the project was almost done, her father died and made her alone.

When left alone in sadness, a group invited her to go back into the arena and told her that she will always have a home. Wattson, along with her friends, fight together in the arena. She gives few helps, such as destroying missiles and creating a shield -- to avoid incoming attacks. Her ability on making defense is unparalleled.

Wattson’s Abilities

Apex Legends

Perimeter Security - Tactical Ability: This ability makes Wattson can electrocute enemies with electricity. First we have to talk about Perimeter Security, which is a Tactical Ability for Wattson. This ability can make her dropping nodes to create an electric barrier. These electric barriers will protect arenas she desired. If there’s an enemy gets hit by this trap, they will inflicted with damage and slow effect.

You can maximize this ability to guard a house, forbid enemy’s route to enter safe zone or place it randomly in order to avoid enemies whose chasing you. Because the amount of node you can place is 12, that means you can utilize this amount to create a long electricity barrier.

Apex Legends

Interception Pylon - Ultimate Ability: Using her ultimate skill, Wattson can produce a defense projectile system which can destroy many other projectiles such as grenades or missile -- one example, coming from Gibraltar’s ultimate. If Wattson stands near her own defense projectile , she will receive shield recovery slowly.

Spark of Genius - Passive Ability: This passive skill from Wattson will increase her charge and ultimate called Spark of Genius. But there’s a certain requirements if you want to use this passive skill. You must stand near projectile defense. With this passive skill, writers said that she is overpowered. And also, the projectile defense from Interception Pylon (Ultimate) can be used up to three times.

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