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Revealed! Here is the power of Douglas Bullet's Devil Fruit in One Piece Stampede

There is a new spoiler from One Piece Stampede which revealed the Devil Fruit that the main antagonist, Douglas Bullet ate. You’re curious, right?

Douglas Bullet was the subject of the talk by One Piece fans who have been waiting for the release of One Piece Stampede. What is his past? Then, what kind of Devil Fruit that he ate? The author has gained some information about him from the Weekly Magazine Shonen Jump volume 28 which tells the Devil Fruit that Douglas Bullet ate.

The Devil Fruit that Bullet ate is Gasha Gasha no Mi. This fruit allows him to combine various types of metals and create things like robots, ships and weapons. At first, many believed that Bullet has an ability like Eustass Kid, but their powers are different.

One Piece Indonesia

Kid has a magnetic power from his Devil Fruit which can attract metals and collect it. Unlike Bullet who is able to combine the metals to be an object. This is why there is a shadow of a giant robot on the One Piece Stampede trailer.

Hmm… We’re getting impatient to watch One Piece Stampede after finding out the power of the main antagonist, Douglas Bullet. Look forward to watch it on the cinemas all over Indonesia in August!

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