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Four Facts About Black Clover Episode 87: The Chosen Royal Knights Members Announcement!

In the episode 87 of Black Clover, the Royal Knights have finally formed. Those selected are gathered in the Tower of Hope. Check this out, folks!

Black Clover’s episode 87 is the culmination of the Royal Knights selection path because the Kingdom of Clover has decided who will be its members. So, any idea about who got chosen? Scroll to start reading, folks!

4. The Arrival of Mereoleona Vermilion

Yuki Tabata/Shueisha/TV Tokyo

The leader of the Royal Knights is the captain of the Crimson Lion squad, Mereoleona Vermilion. Asta, Magna, and other members who were chatting were shocked by the arrival of Mereoleona who destroyed the entrance. They were shocked and confused by the reason for her arrival. Yami, who got angry, immediately became scared upon learning that it was Mereoleona.

Her arrival turned out to bring Asta, Noelle, and Luck who had been chosen as the Royal Knights. The fierce Crimson Lion Captain also mentioned that there was still one more Black Bull member elected, but he was invisible. Can you guess who?

3. Royal Knights Members Announcement

Yuki Tabata/Shueisha/TV Tokyo

After all the members were gathered in Tower of Hope, then Mereoleona mentioned who was chosen. They were Nils Ragus from Silver Eagle, Kirsch Vermilion from Coral Peacock, Puli Angel from Blue Rose, En Ringard from Green Mantis, Fragil Tormenta and captain of Azure Deer, Rill Boismortier. Then from the Golden Dawn, Hamon Caseus, Klaus Lunettes, Mimosa Vermilion, and Yuno were chosen.

While the ones chosen from Black Bull were Asta, Noelle Silva, Luck Voltia, and another member who was never known by the others, Zora Ideale. Then there were several additional members such as Shiren Tium from Golden Dawn, assistant to the Emperor of Magic, Cob Portapot, and Silver Eagle captain, Nozel Silva.

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