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Ten Latest Free Android Games June 2019 - 2nd Week

The second week of June 2019 there are many of the latest free Android games that are fun to fill your days, guys!

In the second week of June 2019 there are a lot of the latest free Android games that you can try. Well, this time DuniaGames is again presenting the latest free Android games that you can play to fill your days.

There are many choices of the latest free Android games that you can play this week. Such as Train Taxi, Saint Seiya: Awakening, Champion of the Fields, Fold it !, and World of Submarines. Besides the Android games, there are still a number of other games that are no less exciting, you know.

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10. Train Taxi - SayGames


Train Taxi is a puzzle game that requires you to take passengers by train. Collect all passengers and skip all levels. Every passenger that you carry then the train's tail will get longer, so be careful!

>> Download Train Taxi di Android

9. Saint Seiya : Awakening - Youzu


Saint Seiya: Awakening is an RPG with turn-based fighting styles. In this game, you will take nostalgia with the 12 Palace Sancutary storyline. The most important part is, Saint Seiya: Awakening has stunning graphics and animations - it will make you feel at home playing.

>> Download Saint Seiya: Awakening di Android

8. Champion of the Fields - NetEase Games


Champion of the Fields is a real-time mobile soccer game. This game applies very precise 4 + 1 button controls to replicate the console controller. Interestingly, this game also supports cross-platform features with the PC version.

>> Download Champion of the Fields di Android

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