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What is Luffy's view on beautiful women? Oda explains this in SBS One Piece!

Is it true that Luffy is not attracted at all to beautiful women even if they are the most beautiful women in the entire sea like Boa Hancock?

Since the beginning of One Piece, Luffy didn’t show any interest in any women. He even acted like he didn’t care at all to Boa Hancock who blatantly show interest to him. Does it mean that Luffy doesn’t interested to opposite sex? That wasn’t the case, because Oda has explained it in SBS One Piece.

In SBS One Piece volume 88, someone asked Oda about Luffy’s view on beautiful women. Because Luffy didn’t show any particular interest in any women, the exact opposite of Sanji who falls in love easily. According to Oda, Luffy knows if a woman is beautiful or not because he could tell the difference.

Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Toei Animation

But Luffy didn’t say that someone is beautiful as a compliment but more like a clarification. If he was asked if Nami is beautiful or not, then he will say yes. But if he was asked if Grandma Kokoro is ugly, he will also say yes. That what Luffy would say if he was asked about his opinions on the women he met.

Luffy also know that Vivi, Robin, Hancock, Shirahoshi, and Rebecca are beautiful, but for him it’s more like a clarification not a plus point of the women. Although Luffy can be said as the luckiest guy in the One Piece universe because the most beautiful woman in the ocean, Boa Hancock only loves him. She didn’t love any other guys before.

Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Toei Animation

The question is whether Luffy will fall in love with Hancock or not. Many of you will agree that Luffy and Hancock to become a couple, or even marry her? Let’s just wait for the development of their relationship.

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