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Seven Creepy Facts About Jashin Cult, A Deviant Cult in Naruto!

If we talk about Hidan, the topic won’t going too far from Jashin cult. What is Jashin cult exactly? Check the facts below!

The newest episode on Boruto talks about Mirai Sarutobi facing a cult which has a connection with her father’s death. It’s right, Asuma Sarutobi’s killer is Hidan and he is one of the top members in Jashin cult.

This deviant cult in Naruto’s world is not much explained. Information about Jashin was taken from Hidan’s statements only. But, new information added since Ryuki’s appearance in Boruto Episode 111. He is the successor of Hidan and becomes the leader of the cult.

What other hidden creepy facts about Jashin cult? Check the facts below!

7. Worshipping Jashin, God of Evil

Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha/Studio Pierrot

Literally speaking, Jashin means “evil heart” in Japanese or “evil god”. According to Hidan’s statement, Jashin is the name of the god he worshipped. From the name itself, we can state that

the follower called Jashinims and create a cult called Jashin.

6. Jashin Cult Goals

Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha/Studio Pierrot

Jashinims has 2 main goals on worshipping their god that is killing others and create chaos in the world. Killing people will be considered as a sacrifice for their sins.

Hidan once stated that he once massacred an entire village in order to ‘saving’ the villagers because, according to him, they already lost. So, Hidan killed them as a forgiveness for the villagers.

If they want to kill, Jashinisms have to pray in hope for the killing process goes smoothly. If they fail, they have to pray for forgiveness to Jashin.

5. Jashin’s Best Member: Hidan

Masashi Kishimoto/Shueisha/Studio Pierrot

Hidan becomes the strongest member in Jashin and he worshipped because he managed to unveil the secret technique in Jashin; immortality.

Hidan cannot die even though his body has been scattered into pieces. The only thing that can kill him is malnutrition.

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