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Want to Subscribe Google Stadia? Check the Price and The Internet Speed First!

Interested to try the Google Stadia? Before that, check the subscription price and the internet speed requirements first.

Few months ago, Google have announced their newest game streaming platform called Google Stadia. Back then, they only announce the main features from their newest product and yet to give the price and the minimum internet speed required.

But now, they have shown the price for Google Stadia subscription and the minimum internet speed required as well in order to run smoothly via a video that you can watch below!

Yes, you’re right. Google offered a subscription package called Stadia Pro for $10 or around Rp140.000 every month. This service included an option to play every game they have provided without additional cost. On this package, you can also enjoy playing games with 4K resolution, active HDR graphics, 60 FPS, and 5.1 surround sound.



Google also offered Stadia Founder’s Edition with a price for $129 or around Rp1.800.000. On this premium package included Night Blue Controller, Chromecast Ultra with 4K maximum resolution, Destiny 2, and 3 months of  Stadia Pro subscription complete with Buddy Pass which enables you to invite others. Not only that, you can also decide or yourself alone in Stadia without receive default names given.


[img id="152398" caption="youtube.com"]

Aside the two package given, you can also enjoy Stadia Base for free, which will be released next year with 1080p resolution and 60 fps. One thing that makes this different is this package doesn’t provide free games. You have to buy games provided at first in order to play it.

For minimum internet speed, at least you’ll need 10 mbps download speed and 1 mbps upload speed to enjoy 720p at 60fps. As to enjoy 4K resolution in 60fps, you’ll need 45 mbps for the download speed.


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