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Superb! This Couple Married With Gunpla PG Gundam Phenex As The Dower!

Gold and jewellery usually used as a dower in a wedding in general. But this couple have other ideas, they used Gunpla PG Phenex Gundam as the dower!

For most people, marriage is the most treasured moment in life. For that, making this sacred moment as unique as possible in order to leave a deep impression for the couple and for the guests as well. For example, like this couple who use Gunpla PG Gundam Phenex as the dower!


That is Fauzi Rachman, a fan of Gundam and also Gunpla collector. He choose to propose his wife by using Gunpla PG Gundam Phenex and shared this happy moments. But, is it allowed to use none other than gold and jewellery as a dower?


In the market, the price for Gunpla PG Gundam Phenex is around Rp8.000.000. The price is in accordance to the terms and conditions in Muslim. So, it’s not wrong using it.


It’s not surprising if Fauzi’s marriage becomes viral on the internet. Who would have thought that a Gunpla can be used as a dower. After further investigation, Fauzi’s marriage had been going for a year, but this news is going viral recently.


Gundam Phenex is a Mobile Suit in Gundam series, notably in Gundam Narrative. Phenex is a “brother” of Gundam Unicorn and Gundam Banshee.

Have you wondered what kind of dower you will give to the bride’s family? Will you follow Fauzi’s footsteps?

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