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Prepare Your Diamonds! Here Are The Leaks For Heroes and Skins On Mobile Legends That Will Launch On June and July 2019!

Curious with these upcoming heroes and skins that will be released on Mobile Legends? Find out here!

Once in a month, Mobile Legends always giving us an update with new and cool heroes and skins as well. For those who always follow the development of Mobile Legends, maybe you already know about the next hero that will be released. But for those who don’t, don’t worry because Dunia Games will give you a leak for the release date for the newest heroes and skins. Scroll down below for the info.

The New Hero: Dyrroth - June 25th 2019

Sumber: Mobile Legends Leaks

After we have been introduced with Terizla in Mobile Legends, now we will be introduced with another hero, Dyrroth, the new and cool fighter. Dyrroth will be released on June 25th 2019 with his normal skin called Scalebore and will be sold for 269 Diamonds.

V.E.N.O.M. Skin: Nephila Hanabi - June 27th 2019

Sumber: Mobile Legends Leaks

After Harley receive her VENOM squad skin, now it’s Hanabi’s turn to receive similar skin. An Epic skin called Nephila will arrive at the shop on June 27th 2019 for 899 Diamonds.

The Insentient Aldous Skin - July 1st 2019

Sumber: Mobile Legends Leaks

You can get the newest skin for Aldous called The Insentient by purchasing starlight member on July 2019 later. In order to purchase starlight member on Mobile Legends, you have to buy it for Rp149.000.

Curious with other upcoming skins? Go to the next page.

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