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Wait, Daylen Rises the Stage as Champion with Onic Esports? Here’s The Clarification

There was an interesting sight when Onic Esport declared as the victor in MSC 2019. Daylen was caught in the stage and raising the cup together with t

A hilarious and interesting moment happened when Onic Esport declared as the victor in MSC 2019. This was begun when every Onic Esport member was invited to get on the stage. Then, a familiar face sighted. For Mobile Legends fans, this face is so recognizable. But he’s not from Onic Esports. Who is he? He’s none other than Daylen.

Out of nowhere, suddenly Daylen was standing on the stage and wearing Onic jersey. That moment managed to raise everybody’s eyebrows, especially for Mobile Legends fans. Many people confused due to this incident because his team (Saints Indo) didn’t participate in MSC 2019,  


Due to many questions about this incident, Onic management immediately gave a statement on their Instagram. They said that Daylen Reza, is not a member of Onic. They regretted this incident, because Daylen was not supposed to get into the stage at all.

Even he got into the stage without permission from Onic’s management and stealing the precious moment for Onic team where they had fought for weeks to receive this award. Their management also said that this incident won’t happen again.


Daylen also gave a clarification about this incident. He said that he never was a member of Onic, but at the moment, he was wearing Onic jersey. He stated that he didn’t take the medal that was supposed to be given to Onic Esport members.

Daylen’s action was out of our minds, surely. But, aside of the incident, we still have to give congratulations to Onic Esports who managed to be the champion in MSC 2019 which was held in Philippines.

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