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Here are the 5 love triangles in Mobile Legends, Number 1 is the coolest!

It looks like in Mobile Legends, they also have the love triangles between the heroes, folks! Let’s find out who are they.

Mobile Legends is a quite popular game because of the fun and interesting gameplay. Because of its popularity, there are many interesting fanfiction about them, one of them is the love triangles between the heroes in Mobile Legends, although all of them were fiction written by fans and are not included in the main lore in Mobile Legends.

This time Dunia Games will discuss about some of the love triangles stories in Mobile Legends. If you are curious, let’s jump into the discussion!

5. Clint x Layla x Granger

Source: YouTube Jo Nathan

Clint, Layla, and Granger are the heroes who have the marksman role in Mobile Legends. The love triangles between the three of them was happened because these three heroes are marksman and they use pistols to attack the enemies. However, in their love triangles story, Granger must lost because Clint and Layla have become the couple in the Valentine skins.

4. Lesley x Gusion x Guinevere

Source: YouTube Jo Nathan

Next is the love triangles between Lesley, Gusion, and Guinevere. The three heroes, all of them have an elegant and charming appearance. Since the appearance of Guinevere in Mobile Legends, many players paired Gusion and Guinevere. But their fantasy must be broken because Gusion and Lesley get a matching Valentine skins.

3. Miya x Alucard x Ruby

Source: YouTube Jo Nathan

At first, many players who tried to pair Alucard and Ruby because both of them use all red costumes, and possess a very large life steal. But their relationship must end when Alucard get an appearance remake and Miya gets the Valentine skin with Alucard.

Curious with the other heroes’ love triangles? Let’s head to the second page.

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