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Awesome! Apparently You Can Do Parkour in PUBG

It’s really cool if you can do parkour in PUBG. You can copy it folks!

Parkour is a training discipline using movement that developed from passing various of obstacle as quickly as possible. Parkour can be done not only in real world but also in PUBG!

Don’t believe it? You can watch one of the videos from a YouTube channel called WackyJacky101. He experimented it on PUBG only using jump and the ledge grap feature which are already available in PUBG. You can watch the cool video below.

Several times we were made tense with the high jump by the creator, WackyJacky101 on his video. Unexpectedly, the jump made it to the destination and automatically used the ledge grab to get up and run back to the next challenge.


How was it guys? It’s so cool, right?? You can also try it if you want and create some cool footages and spread it to your friends.

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