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Five Best Hero Combination in Auto Chess You Can Use To Gain Victory Easier

There are many hero combinations you can use in Auto Chess Mobile. Read this article below to know better.

In Auto Chess Mobile, you have a wide array of heroes, races,and classes you can use in battle. From all heroes, there are few things you must know in order to become stronger than your opponent and that one thing is a combination of races and classes.

In this article, Dunia Games will give you some tips regarding Auto Chess Mobile about the best combination that you can use to win the game easier. Rather than keep you curious for long, read this digest below. 

Feathered + Mech

Sumber: Auto Chess Mobile

A combination of Feathered race and Mech class is the best combination that you can use, moreover if you are a beginner who still wondering about what Auto Chess Mobile is about. You can win easily at early game until late game using this combo because not only giving a massive damage and buff from Feathered race but also increasing your evasion rate that will make your heroes more agile to evade incoming attacks.

Goblin + Mech

Sumber: Auto Chess Mobile

The next one is Goblin and Mech combo. Aside of it’s easy to get because there are many Goblins with Mech class, this combo also increasing HP regen from all chess pieces on the board. This combination is deadly enough because it has massive damage and high survival rate.

Glacier + Warlock

Sumber: Auto Chess Mobile

If you are a late game-type player, maybe this combination of Glacier and Warlock is suitable for you because in order to get Warlock heroes, you have to level up first.

If you have all Glacier and Warlock heroes, then you will be undefeated because you have high attack speed and high life steal as well.

Curious with other combinations? Go to the next page!

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